Why are we here?

Hi there!  I’m Felicia one of the friendly faces you will see at our clinic.  I’ve been working in veterinary hospitals since I was 15 but I recently asked myself: Why do this?

My staff photo in beautiful Forsyth Park

My staff photo in beautiful Forsyth Park

Sometimes working with animals is not easy.  Some animals are less than thrilled to be treated, some coworkers make it hard to do the job at hand, some clients are have bad days and are not always pleasant.  Yet, those problems can plague any job(with the exception of animals trying avoid being poked and prodded).  However, throw in knowing that this is one medical field where most doctors and staff will long outlive the patients and one wonders: why work at a veterinary clinic?  Well, because we love animals and by extension you – yes you, the person reading this who has a furry family member that you love with all your heart.

Most of the time it may be true that when you walk into a veterinary clinic and Benny, Dexter, and Bear get the first hello, but your name is at the tip of the tongue too (even though I personally am horrible with names).  I do not know if you clients realize how much your veterinary staff value you as a pet owner/lover.  We know that you care about your pets and would not come to us or the many other clinics in town if that were not the case.  We are happy for you when you triumph over illnesses and we hurt along with you when you experience a personal loss, whether it be a pet, family member, or friend.  We are glad when you get a promotion and sad when you move away.

I can not speak for everyone in this field, but I  know I feel lucky to have met so many great animals and people over the years. I appreciate that some of the people whose pets I have taken care of over the years have found me on social media even after I  left a clinic and pursued other opportunities, just to check that I am okay and to tell me the latest thing that little Tiger has done.  It is an amazing experience to be in the park, see a dog run up notice it is Fluffy, a dog who once was so frightened  that she hid between her owner’s knee’s ,and barked, but now jumps happily and gives me a million and one kisses. It’s great walk in a public place and recognize a person who offers a big smile and a hug and says “Spot was so excited to see you during his last visit”, and give updates on his latest adventures, shares how the kids are, and then share the latest adventure or trial they have endured in their lives.  It is rewarding to know that you feel that comfortable to share those things.

I guess what I am trying to say is we are here for you!  THANK YOU for trusting me with your pets and don’t be shy if you see me out, I’ll know who you are, even if you have to name drop Fluffy.