Woof! Woof! 5K Run/Walk Over Pet Cancer

This past Saturday at 9 am Dr. Metts, Diedre, and I (Felicia) participated in a 5K  to help bring awareness to pet cancer and raise money for cancer research and treatment for our furry friends.  The money raised will also help some of our local pet rescue agencies.  Dr. Metts and I aren’t runners.  Diedre is a pretty decent runner so to be a team player she slowed it down to a walk for us.  We brought our dogs with us for so they could take part in the Guinness World Record attempt for most dogs in a costumed parade,alas the record is still intact, but there’s always next year.  We inadvertently ended up with a nautical theme: Dr. Mett’s dog was a mermaid, Diedre’s dog was a shark, and my dog was a yellow submarine.  We all had a blast for a great cause and thought we’d share some of our memories with you!

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